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Ginger Candy is a post-production studio in central Lisbon respected for our quality, technical expertise and flexibility. Capable of handling projects from simple to more complex images, our services include product, commercial and editorial retouching. Each job is supervised by our in-house producer making communication easier and ensuring the personal attention in which we strongly believe.

The Team

Pedro Filipe

Pedro is the founder and senior retoucher of Ginger Candy. His commitment to delivering work of the highest quality and acute attention to detail has gained him the respect of clients and peers alike. He oversees all creative processes to ensure that only the highest standard of work leaves the office. Known also as DJ Spider he rocks the office with his music and is our main candidate for The Ministry of Silly Walks.

Constantina Tsangaris

Constantina has an answer for everything, she says it’s because she’s Greek! She joined Ginger Candy at the beginning of 2014 bringing with her 18 years of experience in the industry as both photography and film producer.
Constantina is responsible for budgeting, taking care of clients and overseeing all activity in the office ensuring an efficient workflow.
Tina’s passion for touch and her studies in sport’s massage brings with it the advantage of curing stiff necks and sore backs for those of us who sit looking at pixels all day.